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I need help, im selling my hp desktop to buy a notebook, but i want to know if i should buy a compaq laptop that has the same specs as an hp laptop, but for $100 less. I just need to know if compaqs are made cheaper than their own companies Hp laptops? And if that is why their cheaper
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  1. Which specific HP and Compaq laptop did you have in mind?
  2. Well, compaq's systems are generally the cheaper line of HP. They don't have as high end components as hp offers. However, there is nothing wrong with compaq computers as far as quality. It all really comes down to what you need and what you want to do with the laptop.

    I just bought an hp dv5t and I'm loving it. I paid about 1.4k for that and a printer. I got a great product that I'd recommend to anyone considering an hp.

    What is your budget for this laptop?
  3. Fill out Maziar's sticky at the top of the forum.
  4. The hard drive on both is extremely slow at 4200 rpms.
    If you can upgrade that, it would help a lot for your system's response. Otherwise, both of them are decent. The compaq looks like it has a newer processor so I'd lean more towards the compaq.

    Honestly, why not build yourself one off of hp's configurator? I did that with my laptop. I know there is the dv5z which has an amd cpu in it and is much cheaper than the intel dv5t that I have. It would be around the same price as the compaq and hp you are looking at with a bit better performance.
  5. For those two, I like the HP better. More expansion options.
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