Is this LG laptop a deal or a punch to the kidneys?

i'm living in Toronto, Ontario and i am in desperate need of a laptop mainly for video/photo editing, gaming, and audio editing. additionally, i want something that'll have some last for a while 'til i can put some real cash together to follow the herd and buy a macbook pro. i'm an independent film and theater director/writer/actor who is more comfortable with PC than mac. though mac is industry standard with final cut pro. i've been able to effectively do everything i need with adobe premiere and audition.

so, in the last 12 hours i found this LG laptop:

i need to know if this is a good bargain, it looks really good but i'm of course concerned about the processor. i'm actually going into the store to check it out on friday and was wondering what type of motherboard i should be avoiding with this configuration. i mean, this deal seems too good to be true and i'm wondering if there are some lesser parts that i'm just not considering (outside of the motherboard) before going in. is the ram decent? is LG reputable with the laptops/pcs? i've always rocked crappy pc after crappy pc my whole life. now i need something i can make films, music, and play stuff like HL2 with (in my spare time)

finally, my spending limit is $1500 canadian
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  1. for those too lazy to scroll up on the above posted link to the LG laptop

    LG R700-X.AP04A9 Express Dual Series Notebook PC - Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 2.16GHz, Bluetooth, 802.11a/g/n Wireless, 4GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 17" WSXGA+, Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium
  2. A Gateway FX series will get you a largely better GPU for not too much more. Check those out.
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