Backing up files manually by moving to other partition

I just made my partition with 14GB memory only. I have always an error that my partition is already full, but my folder I backupped is just 9GB.

I want to ask if it is okay to cut and paste to my folder (pictures) to my new partition.
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  1. Could you give more details about the error message?
    Did you format the partition after you created it? If yes, did you format the drive as NTFS?
    I would suggest you try a copy and paste instead of a cut and paste. If the folder copies and you feel it safe to use that partition then and only then should you consider deleting the pictures folder you copied.

  2. After I created the partition, I formatted it as NTFS. Is it alright to backup my files by "copy-pasting" it? I want to clean install my laptop and I want to save my important files.
  3. I now see why you got the error. Windows backup probably tried to create a backup image as well which would eat up space on that drive. Before copying and pasting, delete the Windows backup files from that partition.

    It is alright to backup you files with copy and paste. This is only a folder with image files, correct?
  4. I'm having problems of why is it happening because the folder is only 9.5GB and my partition has 14GB (GB not MB). It doesn't make any sense that my folder can't fit in my partition. Do you know why is it like that? Do you have tips before backing up files.

    That's my second option, copy then paste. I'm copying my pictures to the partition. I want to backup my documents too, mostly in doc/docx and txt formats.
  5. I understand it doesn't make sense. It seems as though it would work but if Windows Backup is trying to create a disc image as well it will use that 14GB and more. When you ran backup did you choose which files to backup or did you just run Windows Backup?

    Have you tried the copy and paste method yet?
  6. You can't "backup" anything by simply moving it around. Backup means to have a COPY in reserve in case something happens to the original.
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