The best 19" out of these 5?

i'm looking for a 19" lcd monitor for gaming. i don't want to spend more than $200 on it, the less the better. i have figured out that the optimal native resolution is 1280x1024 (correct me if i'm wrong) as it it widely supported by many games. i have a 7900 GT video card, i think it can support this resolution... right?

anyways, the best prices for lcd's i have found to be on, although rebates are involved all to often :cry: . here are my top picks:

Acer AL1906AB / 19" / 8ms / 500:1 / SXGA 1280 x 1024 / Black / LCD Monitor - $150

Hyundai N91S / 19" / 8ms / SXGA 1280 x 1024 / LCD Monitor with eTrust ISS 2006 Bundle - $140

Viewsonic VA1912wb / 19" / 8ms / WXGA+ 1440 x 900 / DVI / Black / LCD Monitor - $170, but widescreen... is that a good idea?

Hanns·G HW191D / 19" / 5ms / 700:1 / WXGA 1440 x 900 / DVI / Widescreen LCD Monitor - $200, again.. widescreen and $30 more than the one above

Hanns·G HN199D / 19" / 8ms / 600:1 / SXGA 1280 x 1024 / Black / DVI / LCD Monitor with eTrust ISS 2006 Bundle- $130 - seems to be the cheapest 19" lcd anywhere

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  1. None of the above. :roll:

    You pay for what you get.

    Can't you save up $60 more bucks and get a vx922?
  2. what's so bad about them? i mean they DO look crappier, but would there be a noticeable visual difference?
  3. I'd stay away from widescreen native resolution for games for now. The only brands I recognize are Acer and Viewsonic out of the ones you picked out.

    Keep in mind, a monitor lasts through many rig replacements/lifetimes as opposed to your video card or processor. I just think you should spend a little bit extra for a gaming monitor since you said gaming.

    Get a vx922! :D
  4. well, i'm trying not to buy something that is more expensive just because it's "the gamer's OFFICIAL monitor". i wouldn't want to pay more than $200 for a monitor if I can help it.

    what about the Acer AL1916Ab:

    it has a response time of 8ms (which should be good enough for gaming, right?), a higher contrast ratio (700:1 vs 650:1), and a higher brightness (300 cd/m2 vs. 270). the only worse thing besides the MS is that it uses an analog connection.
    and - its only $170 after the rebates. :!:

    what about:
    ViewSonic VA902b Black 19" 8ms, 550:1, -
    $196 after rebates

    AG Neovo AGM CW-19 Black 19" 4ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 500:1 - only $180 AND widescreen

    BenQ FP93GX Black 19" 2ms LCD Monitor - OUTPERFORMS the vx922 and costs less!
    but it's a one day sale
  5. I'd settle on your chosen Viewsonic or BenQ... :roll:
  6. thanks for the advice. anything else you can add? maybe you could explain to me just how bad it is to switch to a non-native resolution. does something always suffer? either the text is unreadable or the picture is ugly? is it better to go from a lower to a higher resolution (1280 x 1024 to 1440 x 900) vice versa?
  7. I think it varies. It distorts the image and makes text super hard to read.

    Last year on my dorm floor, this freshmen bought a Viewsonic 26" LCD monitor/tv but plugged in his Geforce 4 or Mx440 or some crappy video card, and the resolution and images were horrible. We all made fun of him because of that.

    Since I game so much, 1280x1024 is a great res for me. I don't need or want super high resolutions.

    Just try to operate in your LCD's native res as much as possible.
  8. I'd pay $289.99 for an NEC 1970GX over at CDW for a good gaming monitor.

    Dont waste your money on something like Hans G. No name brands will jsut cause you hassle and you will end up spending a lot more replacing them.
  9. i think i might go with the "
    BenQ FP93GX Black 19" 2ms LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 700:1"
    the stats are better than the vx922 and so is the price!
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