Help! Need new laptop!

Hey guys im looking for a laptop for my girlfriend she s currently an executive assistant to a hot shot and so needs a laptop :)
so its a portable laptop and not a desktop replacement
budget is 1000$-1200$ but we can go to 1300$ ONLY if it is something really good (as in really worth it)
screen size 14-15" and around 200-250GB of HDD
battery life min 5hrs and at least 2yrs before change
it will be mainly used for web browsing, file browsing, HD video viewing, music listening maybe gaming WoW
additional features is enhanced data security (Solid state or fingerprint?)
thanks for the help guys i really appreciate it..i hope i didnt forget anything.. Thanks again.. And thanks again (this one was from my girlfriend :P)
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  1. Oh and we live in montreal, canada :) thanks again dudes
  2. you might want to look into possibly an acer gemstone series laptop. I'm a Canadian as well btw. At my local Source by circuit city store (formally known as Radio Shack) the gemstone is priced at 1099 here's the specs directly off the site:

    * Intel Core2 Duo Processor T5750
    * 3072MB RAM
    * 320GB hard drive
    * 16" Screen
    * Windows® Vista™ Home Premium
    * 1366 x 768, but when connected to a 1080P product you will get 1920x1080 pixel resolution
    * NVIDIA® GeForce® 9500M
    * Two built in stereo speakers with an Acer Tuba CineBass booste
    * Blu-Ray Disc/DVD-Super multi double layer drive
    * Crystal Eye webcam
    * Acer CineDash media console
    * Numerous interface ports
    * 1-Year Product Warranty

    it's slightly bigger in screen size than I know you were looking for, however you'll be getting HD with Blu Ray as well as the true wide screen. With the Geforce 9500M it's 512MB dedicated video so it'll be an absolute beast and for your budget this will suite your girlfriend nicely you're looking probably 2-3hours before charging the battery on this type of config. reason I recommended this one is that I'm actually looking at it myself as a gamer and it's actually an amazing config for an off the shelf at that price point
    here's a direct link to the laptop on their site so you can check it out more:
    Click here

    hope this helps in your search

    PS for the additional data security they also sell a $20 fingerprint reader that works off USB. some higher priced laptops are coming with it built in but you'll be stretching your budget to get at them so this is a way better solution imo.
  3. mmm.. yes indeed it is a good pc.. had it been for me i'd gone for it but let's say she's skinny and wont have much space.. so 16.4" is big, specially that she already has a case that fits a 15.4" laptop maximum.. but great choice with the 9500M.. anyway she just told me she'd rather it not to be an acer.. :S thanks for your help anyway i really appreciate it man
  4. I would try the Dell Studio 15. 15" screen, available graphics card for $75 upgrade (256MB ATI mobile graphics card), backlit keyboard, $150 blue ray upgrade, fingerprint reader, etc. Dell's website is a good place to start. Click on the Studio 15 (starting at 599, but once you add all these features, will probably be about 1,000.)
  5. To get 5 hrs of battery life, you may need to purchase extra batteries. You could also check out the Dell Mini Laptops. The mini 12 or the mini 9. These might get about 5 hrs on one charge. These will not support blue ray unless you wait for the nVidia ION platform to be released. Check out nVidia ION at the nVidia website.
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