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After looking araound I saw that people skimmed on this question but didn't really answer it.
Most 19" Flat panels LCD/TFT/HSF that I have seen have a native resolution of 1280x1028.
This is also the case for the Acer 723p Projector that I have ordered.
Can they be used at 1600x1200?
Does anybody know any native 1600x1200 LCDs?

And even though it's too late, does anybody know a 3000+ Lum. 1600x1200 projector?

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  1. basically no. as 12 x 10 native res LCD will not go higher as there are a fixed amount of pixels. for 16 x 12 res you are better looking at 20" and above although some expensive 19" might go that high.

    projextors ain't my thing sorry.
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