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I'm trying to come up with an anti-theft solution as a preventative measure for the Wireless handhelds we have.

They are AML 7225 devices that run Windows CE5.0. Is thee software that detects how far the device is from an AP and will become "locked" if it gets too far away?

As well as looking at this we have a procedure for sign-in/out of each device and considering SelectDNA marker on each device.

Together these three solutions might work.

But if anyone has any pointers on the software for detecting distance form AP , that would be great!


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  1. There is software the encrypts the devices and forces a pin to unlock them. If the wrong pin is entered too often the device locks. I don't know of a simple consumer product for locking of the device based on it's location. The device just locks at a pre-determined time (usually 5 mins).
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