Compaq v2000 laptop 65C to 70C


okay heres my Question.. im fixing my Friends laptop' due to the fact it runns slower tahn anything i have ever seen.. its an AMD Sempron to the fact that i mostly work with intel based computers..the temps seem a little high (65 to 70c),and i cant really hear a fan running even when i get theses hot shut down or anything like that to say that its actaully running to hot.... i guess my main thing is i can hear the fan running so mabye its a dead fan????

I am using speed fan to monitor the temps..


Amd Speron 1.6
1gig of pc2100
Intregrated Card
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  1. 65-70 is a warmer range for the notebook, but not out-of-bounds. Laptops are not like desktops. Their fans do not run all the time, to save power - they only cool the CPU enough to let it warm up again (a homeostasis cycle, if you remember bio)

    It's possible the high temps are from a clogged up heatsink. I suggest you take an air compressor and blow out the dust bunnies on that's several years old, there should be quite a bit in there.
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