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Need major help trying to download thunderbird on windows 7!

Last response: in Windows 7
March 12, 2010 3:30:55 PM

just got my new dell; i miss outlook express, and don't care for live mail. tried to download thunderbird. i never got the option to 'run'; i just keep getting a small box that says: "opening Thunderbird Setup 3.0.3. exe,
you have chosen to open Thunderbird setup 3.0.3.exe, which is in Binary File, from http/mirror leasewood blah blah, would you like to save this file" i only get the option to save or cancel. i saved it, went to "my downloads", but couldn't open it there, so deleted that, then tried to delete that window, to no avail; checked my programs to uninstall it, to no avail, i can't find it anywhere to get rid of it, and every time i try to download thunderbird, that bloody box keeps appearing!! AAAHHHGGGHH!!!! please help!
March 13, 2010 2:01:14 AM

i'm pretty green; i will try the link. otherwise, can you give details on "booting into safe mode and remove it"? i'm not sure how to do that. and, if i can remove it; will it be ok to try to download thunderbird again?
March 13, 2010 1:43:17 PM

buwish said:
Seems like a major league incompatibility issue. Try booting into safe mode and removing it. If that is a no go, try this link:

i did go to the link you offered; i would be game to use it, but i'm afraid i won't be able to find this program to get rid of it. it's not located anywhere that i can find it on my computer; it only comes up when i try to download thunderbird. if i could figure out where this thing is, maybe i can uninstall it, but i can't find it anywhere! does this make sense?
thanks again