Dimness/Fuzziness after moving monitor to other PC...

Right... so I bought a new VX922 for myself.. because... hey, I wanted to move to flatscreen... and I figured I'd give my mom my old Hitachi 19", replacing her old old old Gateway 17".

On my computer, it had pretty good brightness, good response, decent colors, etc....

I move it to hers... its fuzzy, its dimmer, and the colors aren't as good... Now trust me, everything is still readable... its BEARABLE... but its just lower quality all of a sudden... and for my mom who's eyes are aging already... this is not good.

Now, the stats that make a difference between them I'm going to list, and maybe I can get some ideas here as to why this would happen?

My Computer (Homebuilt):
GFX: Nvidia GeFore 6800 GT
Power Supply: 450W Antec TruePower (came with the case, 5 years old)
RGB connection.

Mom's Computer (E-Machines):
GFX: nForce2 Integrated GFX
Power Supply: Some Cheapy 300W
RGB Connection.

So... There you have it. I even moved things to be the same Resolution and Color (1024x1280, 32 Bit)... And still the same problem with it being dimmer and more fuzzy.

If you need anymore details, please ask...

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!.
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  1. Sounds like the onboard video on your Mom's machine is poor. See if you can download an updated driver.

    You can Google "Motherboards used in USA models" (include the quotation marks), and you'll be taken to a list of eMachines computers. Find your Mom's model and look for an updated video driver... download and install... then try again.

    If that doesn't work, you're probably left with installing a PCI video card and disabling the onboard video.
  2. Yeah could be.. But any other electric machines conected to the same plug box and machines standing close to it could it also interupt the monitor. A better explanation would follow if my level of english was higher. (I'm dutch, sorry for that :wink: )
  3. Hose and GamerT has valid point. If there's any electric fans connected to the same plug, you might want to unplug it first. but my best bet would be the onboard card like hose said.

    My guest is that your mom's old monitor is running at 800X600 res.
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