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Why is it, that when I compare tracfone's SVC phone's price, to a more basic, and elementary phone from jitterbug, the price is so vastly different? One the one hand the SVC costs $15, and the other $100 - is the service you get with jitterbug THAT much better, or are they merely taking the mickey by saying they're a specialist operation, and can therefore charge a stupid price to a more than basic phone?
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  1. It's a rip off. Especially if you also consider the fact that the jitterbug's coverage is far inferior to tracfone's. Add to this the fact that jitterbug's plans are more expensive (not by much though, and only if you have the double minutes for life feature enabled on your phone). Further more, if you want jitterbug for the senior value of having a live nurse(?!), it'll cost an extra $4 per month - which, if included with the monthly plan price, becomes expensive.
    Rip off.
  2. Jitterbug is marketed to a less technoligically astute cohort, so chances are that they are getting away with such prices because this cohort doesn't know what a good price is.
  3. I've actually never considered the fact that tracfone sub their phones!? Isn't that what they cost without any mark-ups? I've been looking at what phones cost in the East, and it becomes very apparent that either the import duties of America are extremely high, or phone importers are absolutely milking us...or our service providers (not tracfone included).
    If seniors are inolved in being the ones being milked, then there's got to be some intervention. Kudos to the SVC plan for making the handsets realistic.
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