Upgrading Hard-drive need help letter assigning...

Hello there!
Iam having problems with installing a larger harddrive in place of a smaller hard-drive, I currently have a C: (80gig) and a "d "and "e" partition (from my 2nd hard drive-60gig).

Now I was thinking of buying a new 120 gig hard drive to substitute in for the 60 gig. The major problem is I want the drive letter assigning exactly the same as I host my webserver files in E: drive. (all hd are 7200rpm ata100 and my mobo supports 120gigs)

My attempt:
1) I removed all hard drive and just use the 120 gig as primary to partition the hard drive I made 50%,50% (60gig,60gig) using fdisk
2) Now when I place my orignal hard drive 80gig as primary and I set back my “new” second hard drive 120 to secondary
3) I load windows xp, it detects new hard drive but…. There are no driver letters shown….. (in my computer, its not there even tried dos prompt only hard drive is C:)
4) I know the hd is not formated it wouldnt make a difference even if it was, I got “device not ready” in dos in xp.
5) I used a win98 boot disk (note:C primary is fat32) typed “d:” (asks me to format) “e:” (asks me to format)….. but windows xp cant see them…

I was wondering if anyone would know a method to view these hard drives and when I do view them to assign the correct letters (since I do have a cdrom drive it might change the drive letters all up)

Other information:( windows xp sp1, 1x256ram, all updates installed, all Hd are fat32 file type)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
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  1. Right click on My Computer>Mangage. Computer Management opens up. Select Disk Management in left hand frame. Volumes (partitions) appear in right hand frame upper window, physical disks in right hand frame lower window. Right click on the unpartitioned space in your physical disk and select, create partition. Alternatively right click on a partition and select delete. Right click and select Change Drive Letters and Paths to change the drive letter.

    The only partition you cannot mess with is the C: partition, for obvious reasons.

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