My laptop is not working. launch up repair is not starting .. plz help

my laptop is not working. launch up repair is not starting .. plz help
i have dell's inspiron 15R laptop. when ever i start my laptop it ask for launch up repair and start window normalyy. i have gone through both options but still my windows in not starting. when ever i select launch repair blue screen arrives and no dialog box appear on screen for many hours..
plz tell me what is happened with my laptop and why its not starting. there was no virus in my laptop, m sure abt it..
is my windows is not working properly or is there any problem with my hard disk?

plzz help
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  1. First thing I would check for is a failed hard drive. You can test it in the bios(F2 for Dells).
    If that passes, you can try to repair Windows if you have a system repair disk. If you don't have one, you can make one on another computer that has the same version of Windows.

    If this doesn't do it, reinstall Windows.

    Hopefully you have the recovery disks, as well as having your data backed up.
  2. If you don't have any personal data to keep, you could restore your Dell to the condition it left the Factory.
    You won't be able to back up your data using this method, if that is a problem let us know and we'll post other options for you to try.
  3. Hi you could try that

    or try to find a windows 7 repair disc , download and burn.

    Boot with the disk and repair your installation.

    If you still have problems you might have to reinstall windows
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