Battery Replacement - Original or Generic ?

The Battery of my Sony VGN FE 8900 Lap Top just went dead. Is very expensive (300 dollars for a 12 cell extended life and 200 for a regular one).

I wonder how the generic batteries perform. They are as much as 30% of the price of an original one and the ads indicate that "will outperform the original battery..."

Please need advise. Thanks
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  1. Sometimes, but not all the times, companies will make compatible batteries out of cells with more capacity (more mAh)-- that's where the larger run time comes. In reality i'ts only about maybe an extra 10-20 minutes or so.

    But anyway, yeah, you find a good deal on an OEM compatible battery-- but make sure it comes with a warranty. 1 year is standard. Anything less, I would avoid.
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