7811-fx laptop and warhammer online

i'm wondering if this laptop

could run warhammer on high settings and with a high fps

anyone own one? or have the same specs., thank you
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  1. Yeah its a good laptop and has good GPU u will be fine :)
  2. It's an excellent notebook, heard nothing but good about these. Don't think, buy it.
  3. Its the best Gaming Laptop for the Price w/o a doubt.
    Warranty would be my biggest concerns.
    I've read about over-heating issues.
    Definitely get a laptop cooling pad and always use it to prevent dmg to the system.
  4. what's a good cooling pad for 7811-fx?
  5. Hi,

    I have this laptop and i play WHO, It will run the game at 1920x1200 at max settings with 2x AA and 8x AF forced in the nvidia drivers without a hitch. I have only rarely seen any graphics lag at all. Heat is definitely a concern though. Oddly the hard drive runs as hot as the GPU and CPU under load. It routinely runs at 50 degrees C and gets as hot as 62 degrees under heavy load. The GPU gets close but the CPU hasnt gotten there yet. Any cooling solution you go with, make sure it cools under the front center of the laptop as that seems to be the weak point from a cooling standpoint. I currently use a plastic cutting board as a base for it but am also in the hunt for either a drive that runs cooler and/or a cooling plate for beneath it. Hope this helps.

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