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I am looking for an External Hard Drive with a builtin monitor that can play music connected directly to a stereo? I am looking for hard drive (does not need to be mobile or small) that preferably can connect to the internet and stream audio. There is a discussion in toms below but that includes video which I don't need and can't connect to the web. any ideas? thanks.

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  1. The Archos AV700 7" has a 100gb hard drive. It also has a 7" widescreen screen, which is a bit of overkill for what you want.

    Don't take this as gospel but I'm pretty sure the Creative Nomad used a 2.5" laptop HD. If you can get that (ebay is your friend) and a suitable HD then that could work.

    I can't remember where but I saw a tutorial on replacing the 1.8" Creative ZEN Touch HD. I remember it being a bit more difficult to do though.

    P.S. If you decide to undertake these mods please be aware that you do so at your own risk and I am in no way responsible for anything that goes wrong.
  2. I think Archos av500 and av4100 also came in 100GB versions.
    There are a few more out there like:
    VP300 player - no hard drive included! or
    this player
    I doubt they are good playback quality or have friendly interface but their strenght is this huge storage.
  3. Hard driver that can connect internet? It will be difficult.
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