19" LCD from 19"CRT = Poor Text Rendering for all?

I recently purchased my first LCD (19" Samsung 913N [1280x1024 NR]) and whilst I have been absolutely pleased with the unit in terms of delivering a wonderful gaming experience; with not an ounce of ghosting, the "day-to-day" business of reading text be it in webpages or general desktop use has left me more than dissapointed.

The only way I can describe is that the text now seems much more pixelated (and yes, ClearType has and always was turned on even with the CRT) .. I have been reading a message in a different forum from someone who recently purchased the Sony HS95P (was originally one of my potential buys) and the buyer has been left impressed with gaming, but again, more than a little down in terms of text-rendering.

I get the feeling, and please, correct me if I'm wrong.. that text is *always* going to be worse off (in terms of its "look") on a 19" LCD than on a 19" CRT. Maybe this is something to do with the fact that the screen is bigger, and at 1280x1024 pixels are being blown up more and therefore your seeing the bare-bones of the text (and awful text if you ever ClearType was turned off for even a moment) ..

Maybe 17" screens are as high as 1280x1024 users wishing to have a good "all round" experience should go for.. with only hardcore gamers who are not concerned about anything but games opting for 19" LCDs.
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  1. We run these monitors at work, and have found them to be just as good as the CRT's. The only time people think it is worse is when they run them at non-native resolution (below 1280x1024).
    I personally believe that CRT's are still better in clarity due to the pixel size, and they are generally the best for games with the issues of screen redraw still a problem for most TFT's.
    Viewsonic recently released a series of 8ms screens that break this issue.
  2. CRTs inarguably offer the better picture for the time being, and probably for some years to come. But be careful with the word 'always' - LCD technology is developing far faster than CRT tech ever did, so the day will come when CRTS go the way of trackballs, dot matrix printers and Chevrolets.

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