Icons not on desktop but in desktop folder

1156 platform with i7 860, discrete graphics and 8 GB ram.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I just shut down to install a windows update (the one about the browser selection screen). When I rebooted none of my desktop icons were there. Apart from that everything seems fine. When I opened a window and navigated to the desktop folder I could see all my files and shortcuts were there. I then went to my desktop and tried to see if sort by name, type etc would sort it but these options were grayed out. When I try to paste a file onto the desktop I see nothing but it still goes into the desktop folder. This seems weird? Right?
The only unusual thing I did was prior to rebooting windows after installing the update was that I booted from a live cd of Fedora 12 64-bit just to verify that the burning worked. I'm planning on setting up a dual boot over the weekend.

Has this happened anyone else after that update?
Anyone know a fix?
I know it's not a critical error but it's disconcerting none the less.
Help appreciated.
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    If you right-click on the desktop and click "View", does the "Show DeskTop Items" have a checkmark beside it? If not, click it to turn it on.
  2. Thank you sminlal.
    That was it all right. So simple. I feel quite silly now.
  3. <yoda-voice>Sillier not to ask, it would be</yoda-voice>
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