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Can windows 7 be put on a dell dimension 9100 2005

Can I have Windows 7 put on my Dell Dimension 9100 from 2005?
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  1. sure, but it won't run that well.
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    you could technically put windows 7 on any machine....the only issue that you might have is with drivers....a quick google search shows that for the most part there are working drivers for this pc but note that if you have an ATI Radeon X600 256MB video card in this machine windows aero will not could upgrade to a newer video card if that is a necessary thing for you but the system will be totally usable without aero
  3. Dont take chances run Windows upgrade advisor

    this tool will check your pc and let you know what version of windows 7 your pc could run.
  4. after googleing the question I came up with a pretty solid answer that it would work...I also came across people who had issues running the Upgrade Advisor on thier pc...not that the pc didnt pass the test but the program would randomly freeze throughout the test
  5. upgrade advisor is junk. win7 minimum requirements are very low.
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