sound card for recording??

anybody have any recomendations for a good sound card for recording from an analog source, such as a tape or microphone? thanks..
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  1. From what Ive read and heard from people the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro seems like a awsome deal for 200, not to mention the convience of the external hub with multiple 1/4 jacks on it. Its what I ordered for my system, I do a great deal of gamming and recording now and then so it seems like the best of both worlds.

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  2. thanks!

    i was looking for somthing a little cheaper though, preferably under 100... its just for recording LP albums to mp3's on my computer, so it doesnt need to be studio quality. any ideas?
  3. Try this, its probably alot more affordable, I dont know if its feature set is one that would appeal to you though...

    Sound Blaster Audigy LS

    60 bucks in Retail form from, not bad.

    Asus p4c800 Deluxe,1 Gig Mushkin PC3200 400 Mhz(2-2-2 cas),Pentium 4 3.0 512k 800Fsb HT, Thermaltake Xaser III, Thermaltake Spark 4,WD 80 Gig 7200,GeForce 4 MX440 (PCI),Nec Multi-Sync LCD 1830
  4. Terratec and M-audio cards generally have better converters and lower noise. It depends on if you plan to use soundfonts and EAX 3 for the Audigy, but you can save some money and get better quality from manufacturers who care about music performance.

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