Which 32 inch LCD below $1000?

I'm a college student right now, so I'll probably moving a lot in the next few years; point is, portability is an issue for me, and i looked at the Samsung slimfit crt's, which seem like a great buy, but they still weigh 100 pounds.

Basically, I'm looking for a 32", 16:9 LCD TV that's HD-ready rather than one w/ an integrated tuner. I'm trying to stay on a budget of less than $1000, but i'm willing to go up to about $1500... As far as no-name brands go, this Syntax Olevia LCD looked pretty good http://secure.syntaxgroups.com/products/detail.jsp?pid=LT32HVE , but I feel a bit hesitant to buy a tv from a no-name brand because i'm sure the bargain price comes with terrible tech support. Another option I was looking at was the Sharp Aquos LCD http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7674206&productCategoryId=cat03002&type=product&tab=4&id=1134702137061 , but of course that's beyond the $1000 mark.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you all would weigh in and help me pick the TV I'll hopefully be using for the next few years. Don't feel restricted by the one's I've put up, and please feel free to suggest your own.
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  1. FYI...99% of HDTV's are being made now with the tuner built in already, so there's no point to getting one that is "HD ready". Plus, prices are so low right now you can easily get one for under $1,000. I've read great reviews on the Viewsonic's as being the best buy for a "Budget" TV and they have Built in HD. Check out this link. This TV has oodles of connections too!

  2. betterthanastick,

    Check out my reply to doggykyle in this forum. Vizio's are relatively inexpensive but have gotten decent reviews at AVSforums.
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