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Hello, I've got a Win 7 64 laptop less than a month old that spontaneously stopped connecting to the internet but says it's connecting to network devices just fine. I first noticed when I attempted to connect to my Verizon hot spot, then I connected to a restaurant's wifi. In both cases it said I had a connection but wasn't connected to the internet. I'm now on my home network trying to resolve and have the same problem. I've uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled the driver for the network card. I attempted to install a newer device driver from the manufacturer but it tells me there's no device connected even though I can see it in the device manager and can both uninstall and reinstall it.

When I run ipconfig (and when I look at my router) I can see I'm getting an IP address but again, I can't get on the internet. I've released and renewed the IP address. The device is set to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS servers. I've cleared my DNS cache. I've tried to reinstall TCP/IP v4. I can't ping either a URL or an IP address.

What haven't I thought of? I'm relatively new to Windows 7 so am unfamiliar with it's quirks.
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  1. Not a common "quirk" with windows 7 at all.

    firewall? some application totally blocking your connection?

    look for TCPIP stack repair tools or winsock fix/repair tools (just from a quick look)
  2. Yep, you guessed it. It turned out to be a McAfee update issue. As soon as I uninstalled McAfee I was able to get on the internet just fine. I only had McAfee on it since the computer came with it so I'm happy to have blown it away. Thanks!
  3. Go with AVG, it's free and better than Avast.
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