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Hi there,
I am appealing for help with a Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop that i have purchased. I bought this laptop from a classified ad in the newspaper in Singapore. When i bought this laptop from the previous owner, it turned out that he had won it from the World Cyber Gaming event that was held in Singapore. I completely forgot to ask him about the change of Ownership and now months have passed and i have no way to contact him. Now my laptop is facing some serious problems. I have contacted Dell numerous times and have been transferred and heard their commercials on their machines so much that i have gotten to the point of being sick in the stomach. Everywhere i turn to is the line "Since you don't have the original companys particulars, we can't help you fix your laptop since it's not under your ownership." repeated by everyone there. Now here is my dilemma,
I was playing World of Warcraft and suddenly the graphics on the screen started morphing. I thought it was a glitch, so i decided to try Alt+tabbing it and coming back into the game. When i had done that, the screen become more and more worse eventually when i Alt+tabbed the desktop itself had lines and such running all across the screen. I can't get Dells help at all regarding this situation, so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions at all.
I have already tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor and it still has the same issues. So i don't think it has anything to do with the LCD display of the laptop itself. i can't even get to User Login as the screen just becomes one whole blurry line thing.

Please take a look at these screens and let me know what you guys think. You're my last hope.

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  1. I have seen that before due to overheating the graphics card/memory...
    You can test this by giving it proper ventalition like a fan blowing over notebook, problem should abide...
  2. Sure enough, it did work, but after awhile even with the fan blowing on it, it went back to the same thing. Now even with the fan cooling the laptop the problem still comes up...I guess i have to replace the Graphic card and fan?
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