Error 0x 80070002

how to correct the error 0x 80070002
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  1. You need to post more information, PC Make, Motherboard Model, CPU, RAM, VGA, PSU Make/model, Bios version, motherboard revision, when the problem first started, has it ever worked correctly?
  2. does this problem happen with BSOD(blue screen) or just normal windows error
  3. the problem happens when I try to install an antivirus microsoft essentials
  4. the most important question does this problem happen with blue screen (BSOD) like this picture
  5. did you try the microsoft fix it
  6. no no no really throws me a window
  7. if this problem happen when you install microsoft essential antivirus ,maybe the file is corrupted, so i suggest to re-download it from internet then try to install it again
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