Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT vs. Pentax *ist DL SLR Digital

Long story short, I am looking to upgrade from my Canon Powershot to an SLR and was recommended these two for my price range by a local camera shop. He didn't have the biggest selection but he came as the only recommended camera shop within a 40mile radius. I would like to buy locally from him unless I can get either one for a lot cheaper by going online or something retail. The Canon is $1020 for the body, 18-55mm lens, and 75-300mm lens whereas the Pentax is $700 for the same. I will mostly be using the camera for general purpose shooting... night shots of stars and such, time-lapse for minutes or maybe hours, sunsets/rises, ducks on a lake, people, action shots of nephews playing soccer, etc. Can anyone tell me if these cameras will do the job or if I should be looking elsewhere? Also, is the Canon worth the extra? Thanks for all of the help I know I will recieve.
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  1. At 35 mm format Canon and Nikon are mostly use by professional, Canon Strong Point is Electronics and Nikon is there Lens.

    Now Digital Cameras are mostly use Canon has the Lead.



    Link above should help you decide which one you may like better. Good Luck
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