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Speed up System Boot

ei guys, is there any software application that can boost my boot time? certain laptops have it like in Lenovo.. do you think I can have the same in my Acer laptop?
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    Hi :)

    Not really...there are a lot of stuff that SAY they can but no software REALLY works...

    An SSD would though...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. ^ I totally agree.

    Most "speed boost" software just boosts you out of money. There is little software can do to speed a system up. If you have an old install of Windows then reinstalling will help as Windows tends to get bloated over time. I do a fresh install once a year to keep everything fast. Overall though an SSD will speed you up more than anything. Even my 2 year old slow by today's standards Vertex 2 will boot Windows in under 20 seconds.
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  4. ah, so I see, I really plan to buy a SSD for my desktop,
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