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Need full administrative rights(folders, sharing, installing, etc)

Hey guys,

I have just installed my mothers laptop with the Win7 Home 32bit that followed in the package.

I've run into problems regarding the administrative rights though.

- I am the only administrative user
- UAC is at minimum
- File sharing settings has been modified in advanced filesharing
- I put security at a minimum in Internet Explorer
- I disabled the windows firewall, and uninstalled McAfee.

Folders are still "read only", and I can't remove the "read-only" state entirely, I also need "Administrative rights" to download files from the old computer which is also on wireless.

Please note that this is a new install, nothing has been modified other than the sections you see above. If what you see looks like I've missed something in one of the steps, I'll look it over again.

What is going on here? I'm at a loss.
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  1. you have to put yourself as the administrator in the file option
  2. I'm guessing you mean when right clicking a folder or drive and select permissions. I'm not allowed to give permission.

    It kinda feels like I'm not an administrator at all, but I'm allowed to tamper with the firewall, and install a few apps. When I look in "Users" in the control panel, I'm an administrator, and there is no other account.

    Any other suggestions?
  3. you cannot take the full control of the file and your the administrator ,try to copy them on usb stick or rewritable cd or dvd
  4. i dont have any other clue for the moment
  5. I would like it if others could add their suggestions. I don't have access to the laptop right now, but I have already tried what was suggested.

    Using a USB stick is ok as a patch-up solution for transfering the old data, but it is just not acceptable, and now that I think of it, it might just deny the transfer.
  6. You could try turning off UAC completely - that usually then makes an admin account feel more like a proper admin.
  7. how do i do that? the slider is already all the way down. I am not entirely sure that's it either, cuz even when UAC was on recommended or normal, on my own computer (win7 64bit ulti) it didn't act like this. It feels like I'm just a guest-user.
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    If its all the way down - i think that is off
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