best external HDD enclosure?

Hey everyone, I'm shopping around for an external HDD enclosure. Just wondering if any of you have one and if you're happy with it. Or...if you just know of some of the better ones. I want my backup drive to be external, especially after my PSU freak accident recently.

<font color=blue>Asus P4P800 Deluxe, 2.6C @ 3.25Ghz, 1GB Geil Platinum PC4000, Radeon 9800 Pro, SB Audigy 2, Antec TrueBlue 480, 2x120GB Maxtor DM+9's: 1 SATA, 1 PATA, Plextor DVD+RW, Plextor CD-RW.</font color=blue><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by krazynutz on 04/27/04 01:33 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. I am using ADS dual input without front cover on (just to keep the 180Gs thing inside cool), almost a year no probs.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. I just bought this 3.5" two bay Firewire 400 case about 2 days ago. Contrary to what it says, it does come with 6ft long firewire cable. Decent quality, but it does the job.

    Couple catches with this thing. 1) It doesn't like Samsung IDE HD's at default config setting within the Oxford firewire controller chip. It can be changed with the Oxford firmware utility software. Just enable the following: enable GPI, detect devices with non-std signature, wait 6s before polling. Upload the firmware setting and power cycle the case. Works fine now.

    2) I recommend modding this case. Case fan is way too loud. I moved the power leads from 12volts down to 5 volts. I also flip the fan to blow inwards to directly cool the HD's. The included 80-pin IDE cable is a piece of [-peep-], you can easily mount 1 HD, but since the connector is upside down for both master/slave, it's a bitch to connect the other one to the 2nd HD. I have a spare 80-pin flat cable which I cut up and made into a poor man's rounded cable and use that instead. Better airflow anyways.

    Another neat thing... you can physically mount 3 HD's in this case. Probably not a good idea in terms of heat, but you can do it. And there are mount holes to the left of the case fan and also another possible mounting slot below the existing firewire ports. I'm planning to either chuck out the Oxford 911 board and install a Initio 922 RAID board (Firewire 800), and/or install another firewire board or Firewire/ATA converter and mount that to the case.

    Either way, for $53.50 (shipping cost me $7), that's dirt cheap for a 2 bay 3.5" firewire 400 case.
  3. WARNING:!!

    I purchased a Startech external drive enclosure, but have misplaced the power cable. The drive enclosure is P/N UNI3510U2.

    It requires a "type L" pin, which is too small for most power adapters of this type. Otherwise: 12V, at least 2A, center pin positive. These features are common and available on many websites.

    Startech manufactures this cable themselves, but so far have refused to sell me one. Also, have refused to supply info on the pin dimensions.

    One website has this power supply with pin 5.5mm outside, 2.5mm inside, but the pin is straight, not "L" shaped.

    It appears I must junk this $60 drive enclosure because Startech refuses to sell me a power cord.

  4. I forgot to ask if anybody knows of a source for this power cord:

    12V, 2A or greater, center pin positive, type L pin.

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