Self Build or Buy (laptop)?

Hey folks,

I have an older laptop and it's starting to bug me because it's just so heavy & noisy. I do not care to do any gaming what so ever, and would infact rather not even have the option so that I can get as little video power as needed to save a little green on a new one. The only thing I want this laptop to do is be able to have wifi, lan (1000) and a screen that works. It doesn't need a super CPU nor tons of HD space. I mainly just want it to be as light, slim and quiet as possible, while not having any fancy compontents. It will not be used on its battery, so it will always have the AC power plugged, likely on most of the time (ie, I don't care if the battery life sucks, so again, cheapen the price).

I'd love to just build my own laptop from scratch if I could just find a place to order the case/screen/parts from, but I can't seem to find a place that does this (all the parts, I've only found some parts, like cpu/drive/ram, the rest I can't seem to find at the same place). So if anyone knows of a good place to order parts from that could be used to build a laptop from scratch, literally, I'd love a link.

Otherwise, I'm just looking for something as cheap as possible, while just being light & quiet. I see a lot of $500 laptops out there that come with gaming video cards and big wig CPU's. I'm really just looking for something as basic and simple as possible to keep it quite, low temp and cheap.

Looking for suggestions.

Very best,
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  1. I'd say go buy one of the $500 laptops. building a laptop is about 3-4x more expensive than buying one. if you really want something that's just going to be a general pc go check at best buy or staples or Radio Shack you can probably pick up a basic laptop for $450 maybe even $400 on sale.
  2. Heya,

    Browsing some things, I came across this laptop:

    For $350, free shipping, seems exactly like what I'm talking about. It just has such a small screen and keyboard setup. I'll have to look at something local to see if I can actually type on something that small and/or if the screen size is too bothersome while using various applications (1024 x 600 res). Again, just for playing music, browsing the web, and basically being a download slave and being very portable (though always able to plug in somewhere, I never bother with battery life unless the power goes out, and then it's just to shut down properly).

    Any suggestions on this little beast? Or are they terrible? Hardware looks good unless I'm missing something.

    Very best,
  3. they are actually amazing little machines. I personally own one if all you're looking for is a nice little machine for browsing,downloading etc it'd be perfect. price is right too. go for it
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