help with compact presario 1700 laptop

okay, so here is my problem. about a year or so ago, i got a tad angry at my compact presario 1700 laptop and hit it in the keyboard. since then, it wont turn on. if it does, only the fans simply run.

first, how can i open it up to look inside to make sure nothing got loose?

second, is this someting i can most likely fix on my own?


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  1. I wouldn't bother.

    I have a box very close by with 3 or 4 Presario 1700 series / EVO N160 in various states of disrepair. Probably the most unreliable notebook I've ever had the displeasure of working on-- that is if the DC jack doesn't break, then the optical interfce will fail.

    But, if you must make sure, then remove the battery,optical drive, memory, and hard drive. Conect the laptop to an external montior. Turn the laptop on and see if you get that Compaq splash screen on the external.
  2. i tired doing what you said, and nothing came up on the external.

    i then proceded to take the keyboard off to look inside, and nothing seems to be unpluged or broken.

    my guess was that someting had come loose, because when it first happened, the computer would turn on, and it would procede to either the Compact or the Windows XP splash screens, then freeze. once in a blue moon after having jiggled it around, the computer would start up perfect, then freeze if i bumped it or plugged someting in (flash drive, moniter, etc). so i tried opening it, (and back then i didnt think to try and find a manual, so i had even less idea of what i was doing then i do now), and now, i will turn it on, it sounds like its starting up, but no beep to let me know it started, and the fans/hard drive simply runs.

    could someting be loose or broken?
  3. Well, you alledge that you whacked it pretty good, so, I'd say, yeah, you probably knocked something loose or broke something. And if it's busted, my opinion is it's not worth even trying to fix. I'm afraid I can't be more helpful, but this particular model is not known by me to be very durable.
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