Keyboard Replacement Toshiba A55-S106

My daughter returned from her first two years living on campus in college with a problem with the keyboard on her laptop. Atfirst it was random keys misbehaving or not responding at all. It quickly degenerated to no response from any keys.

I verified by using an external keyboard that the computer is working alright so I removed the keyboard and am awaiting the delivery of a replacement. There was evidence on the backside of the keyboard once removed that something sticky had spilled on it.

Just looking for any advise or tips from anyone who has dealt with this model laptop or has replaced the keyboard on any laptop.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You got the keyboard out and have a replacement coming you are well ahead of the game, my friend.

    Fluids and laptops do not a good combination make. If all that was toasted was they keyboard, thank them lucky stars and happy computing.
  2. FYI for anyone interested:

    I received the keyboard and installed it in a matter of minutes. One of the easiest things I've ever done in computer repair. It's working fine now.
  3. cool
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