Which TFTs scale resolution well?

My trusty 17" CRT is quickly dying on me and I need to replace it. The choice of CRTs is pretty poor these days and I'm considering a move to TFT-land.

Trouble is, my PC isn't exactly ninja (see sig). I've got used to tweaking resolution in each game to get best performance without lag.

Does anoyne know which TFTs scale resolution better than others? The Tom's guide (http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/03/27/the_spring_2006_lcd_collection_uk/index.html) doesn't make any reference to the scaling perofrmance.
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  1. Well, that answered my question in a way. I'll get a CRT instead.

    Why on earth are TFTs so popular if they're so cr*p? :lol:
  2. hmm, scaling is not too good. tbh though as long as your not dealing with text you probably won't notice in fast paced games.

    luckily for me my dell has 1:1 pixel fill so i don't have to deal with interpolation. luckily i can power all games at 1600 x 1200 if needs be so i only get black bars down the side.

    my advice is to have a look and see. go into a store and ask tosee a game and how it looks at non native res's
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