Virtual Audio Cable broke my main audio driver

just wondering how i can reinstall my main audio drivers so they stay installed and so i don't have to uninstall and reinstall them at every startup.

it still says it's in use if i try to test it before reinstalling.

to reinstall it i've been going to playback devices, right click properties, click properties on the new window, change settings on the next, last window click the driver tab and uninstall. then i go to device manager and scan for changes. it's really a pita


ok so i've been trying to port audio from firefox to reaper + asio4all and found that i can do it with VAC. i first tried another program called virtual audio streaming but that didn't work. when i got VAC i uninstalled VAS first.

since i've had VAC installed i can't listen to anything over my monitor's speakers (have computer hooked to monitor with hdmi). if i have "Digital Audio (hdmi)" set as the default audio device, the audio won't even start. for example if a start a movie in vlc and then realize there's no sound i can't just switch the default device to something else (usually can do this) i have to stop the video select a different device and start the video again. flash stuff online just won't play until i change the device.

if i try to go to the properties of "Digital Audio (hdmi)" > advanced > and hit test it tells me the device is being used by another program. this was making me think that maybe it was because VAC was using that device to port the audio from windows or something. didn't really make complete sense but i uninstalled VAC, restarted my pc and it still does the same thing. i tried uninstalling the drivers (windows default drivers, the downloadable drivers IDT high def audio cause problems with other programs so i don't use them and would prefer not to) and restarting so they would reinstall but that did nothing.

i also tried playing audio from reaper to them with asio4all and it worked, asio usually won't let you use a device if it's already in use, so i don't get why windows is thinking it is.
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  1. nm uninstalled the driver again and went in device manager, scanned for new hardware and it reinstalled it and worked
  2. so i did get this to work but i have to do that^ every time i start up my computer. pretty lame
  3. ok so not having the problem in the main post but i am having an issue with having to reinstall my audio drivers every startup.

    does anyone know how i can fix my main audio drivers permanently? it's really annoying to have to uninstall/reinstall them every time i turn on my computer
  4. ok so i figured out that instead of uninstalling it and reinstalling it i can go into the device manager and disable and enable it again and it works. is there any way i can find out what programs are using that driver?
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