Powershot A540 vs. Powershot A620

I need some serious help on deciding what one to get. The 540 feels cheap and has a grainier, lower-quality screen than the 620, but the 620 has lower ISO and supposedly less features. Can you please help me?
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  1. You get what you pay for...the more you spend the better the camra will be! Anyway I've owned two Canons..The A95 and just got the Digital Elph SD600 now thats what im talkinbout...the SD600 is AWSOME...6 Megapixils..Newegg $210 combo/1GB card and case Inc. If those two choices that you mentioned dont feel right save a little more and get the camera you will be happy with! Its worth the wait!!
  2. read www.dpreview.com

    but both the A540 and A630 use AA batteries - that alone makes it a poor choice for me.

    if you can live without an optical view finder and using an xD card the Fuji F30 is a good choice as well.

    but the best bet may be to save up more money and buy the Canon G7.
  3. Is there any difference between Canon A540 and Canon A630 models?
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