Installing Windows on Laptop Without Internal DVD Drive

So I'm thinking about getting an eeepc for a new laptop, and like most netbooks they dont have a internal disc drive. Besides worrying about formatting in the future, I want to buy a linux one as it's the same price as the windows one, but with a bigger SSD, then I would just take the win xp i already own and install that. How would I go about installing this? I've seen some guides to make it install of a usb drive, or would you be able to install it from a external dvd drive? I guess my other option would be to take out the hard drive, pop it in a regular laptop, install windows, then put it back in the eeepc.
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  1. You should be able to use an external drive to install it. You will want to check in your BIOS to make sure that it can be set as a boot device though.
  2. There's also PXE (if the network device supports it). I've done this a couple of times.
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