Need a tablet pc for school, any advice?

Hi everybody, I'm new on the forum, but I've been reading Tom's for quite a while now.

What brings me to my topic: tablet pc.

I saw 1 guys using this kind of laptop at school and wish I could have one too. So here it goes, I wanna buy a new tablet pc and I'd like to get any feedback on makes, models people here prefer. I already read some threads about that topic.

1_ budget max 2000$

2_ In tablet pc, as far as I know, there're all coming in 12 to 15" flavor. So I'd say 13-15 would be good.

3_ Resolution: I don't want HD, it's useless, so any descent one around 1250 or 1440.

4_ I need if to be portable, I have a really good gaming desktop at home, but I'd like to use my laptop at school and in the train.

5_ Battery: that's a big point for me, I'd like to have 3-4 hours + and even more if it's possible. I don't mind paying the price for a good battery life.

6_7 As I said before, I don't want to play any game on my laptop. I might, but if I can't that's not a problem. As long as I can run vista correctly or windows 7 if it is less power hungry... I might watch a movie once in a while, but again, that's not a big criteria. I'll surely play with some photo and otherwise, use the tablet for office type of work and web.

8_ Don't need too much HDD, I have enough in my desktop, so 80-160go would be more than enough

9_ one bug issue that I'm also concerned about is heat dissipation. I understand that in laptop there has to be some heat going out in some way, but I'd rather get a laptop running cool and with good ventilation spot, not under or toward me.

10_ Finally, I know there's some tablet pc capable of detecting both, fingers and pen. Is that good ? working great ? any problems or issues with that ? For sure, I'd like to get a nice screen, since with a tablet pc that's what it's all about.

thanks for any suggestions or comments.
Also I'm canadian, so if you wanna post prices, that could be cool if they'd be in CAN $, but US is all good.

I'll keep posting any good deal I'll find.
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  1. ok first of all, I didn't find lots of tablet pc in the 13" to 15", so I don't mind 12", I think it would be enough.

    And what I found:

    Toshiba M700 12." good batt. life (around 5 hours) or all day with 9 cells slice Overall, good laptop from reviews

    Fudjitsu T1010 someone I know has one and he's happy with it. Didn't check any spec yet.

    Fudjitsu T4220 12.1" average batt. life around 3-4 hours running cool, but bit noisy

    Asus R1E or other similar 13" avg batt. life (around 3h), noisy, avg screen quality(grainy) maybe some issues with the pen (cheap)

    HP tx2500 targetting low-end, cheap, heavy, avg batt. life (3h) running hot, but inexpensive

    Lenovo X61T or x200T 12.1" good laptop, running cool, not noisy, around 5h of batt. life or more bit expensive for the outdated design (the only neg. point I found)

    My conclusion up to now:
    2 best one I'd go for: Lenovo or Toshiba

    Any comments?? Other tablet pc to propose? I'd like to get feedback (of tablet pc owner would be great)

    Maziar ?? or someone else.
  2. Lenovo is having a sale on x61 tablets right now. . .

    EDIT: also,
    Save 10% on ThinkPad X61s and X61 Tablet notebooks using USESAVEX through October 27
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