Hooking up HDD just to retrieve info?

I currently have 1, 120 gig WD and the 74 gig Raptor. The os is installed on the 120 gig.
I have a 60 gig hdd from my old puter with xp installed on it and would like to hook it up just to retrieve some info. I tried and i got the window that stated hardware changes have been made, tried restarting normally but takes me back. Is it possible to do this or am i [-peep-] out of luck. Or is it possible to hook it up as slave to the 120 gig even with an OS on it? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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  1. set the old drive to slave, hook it up to the the ide cable and retrieve the info. shouldnt have to worry about it since the boot.ini file on the main drive doesnt know that the other os is there.
  2. I tried, didnt work, mad as hell. Cant express how pissed i am.
    Disc error this, Boot media that, Hardware change this, start windows normally nothing happens blah blah blah.
    I'll try again next year.
    Thanks anyway

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  3. You have the most advanced Windows yet. That system suppose to help people, not trouble them. If you are troubled by the most advanced Windows yet you have to contact the manufacturer of it and file a complaint.

    PS: in the mean time install win2k and do whatever you wish with your HDs.

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  4. It would help if you said exactly how you have the computer setup inside, if you were running the Raptor as a slave to the 120G WD and disconnected it and put the old drive in its place, thats why you got the new hardware message, it should simply be a matter of Windows needing to restart itself and everything coming back up OK. Depending on the M/B it should have CMOS setting features that would allow you to select the hardrive to boot from, assuming the 120WD is Master of the Primary IDE you should select your boot HDD as HDD-0. Make sure the hardrive jumpers are properly set or you'll have trouble big time, I dual boot WinXP Pro and Win98SE and have no problems with transferring information, or booting from the drive of my choice by choosing the boot drive in the CMOS setup.

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  5. I have the 120 set as master on ide and the Raptor set as master on sata.
    I hooked up the 60 gig(ibm froma dell) and set 120 as master with slave present and the jumper settings on the 60 were hard to understand. Like 16 different settings.
    4-16 head settings, 4-15 head settings, 4-32gb clip and 4-auto spin disable. Going to try again, i'll keep you posted.

    amd 64,3200+
    1 gig corsair xms
    asus k8v deluxe
    radeon 9800 pro 256
    120 WD 7200
    74 WD raptor

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  6. With WD drives its just a matter of getting the jumpers set right, cause if they're not set right, they will conflict with each other and not work at all together, WD has the most particular jumper settings to work with I've seen with any HDD manufacturer I've used, but when they're set right, they're sweet!

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  7. You said it. WDs are such a pain in the arse sometimes. I often play musical jumpers with WD HDDs.

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  8. ROFLMAO!!! SOOOO True :smile:

    Hows your day going Black_Cat? I hope well!!!

    I really don't know why WD jumper configs are as critical as they are, but they definitely are. Musical Jumpers, you are a Hoot Dude, LMAO Ryan :smile:

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  9. Ok all, sorry it took so long for an update but i'm LAZY!!!

    Anyhoo, I finally got it to work. I had to put both drives on cable select which i did not do the first time. I was able to get half of what i wanted but the other was no go. Outlook express crap. Can anyone point me to correct forum where i can ask outlook questions?
    a Billion Trillion Gazillion thanks again for all your help

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