All of the Games Crash on my system...... Windows 7

Hey people,
I have recently installed, a fresh clean installation Windows 7 Ultimate x64 v 6.1.7600 on my system. I have flashed and updated my BIOS. I have also installed the latest drivers available on my MOBO website. Now I'm getting game crashes every now and then. It's time variant but it happens. Every game. I have tried over 20 games. All of them somewhere down the line they just crash. With a colored screen(the color again is variant from blue to cyan to green, different at different crash times) and it seems as if my audio has been frozen. I have tried the compatibility fix thing. Didn't work. This happens to all the games. I'm kind of frustrated trying to solve it. If anyone can help me please you are more than welcome to give suggestions. My computer specs are as follows :-

Asus P5N-D Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q 9550 @ 2.87 GHZ Processor
Nvidia 750i SLi Chipset
Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 869MB GDDR3 GPU
4 x 2 GB Transcend 800 DDR2 Ram
750GB - SATA Seagate HDD
1TB - SATA Seagate HDD
1.5TB - SATA Seagate HDD

All the latest drivers from the Asus Website for my motherboard has been downloaded and installed. Graphics Drivers downloaded from Nvidia Website v196.21. Please help.
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  1. Can you maybe provide us with the error message(s) that you are getting when the games crash?
  2. Sorry to tell you, I don't get any messages at all. The computer just freezes. I can't even press any button on the keyboard. Or the mouse. I am left with only one option that's the RESET button on the cabinet.
  3. hey man, were u able to solve the problem....
  4. oh yes by the way, i completely forgot to mention earlier that i had a previous version of Windows 7 installed on my pc, i think it was a beta build. The Latest one. I didnt have any problems like this in that installation. It's just that the response time at the start up of my system went very slow. So i did a neat clean formatted Windows 7 Installation. Then the problem started happening. After this i formatted my system drive only, once and the latest installation is yet creating problems.
  5. You didn't list your PSU, so I suspect it is a piece of crap and thats why you are getting crashes.
  6. My PSU is VIP ATX 500W Gold plated.....
  7. I would suspect the PSU as well.
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