[SOLVED] Boot Camp Windows 7 resized partition now wont boot

Hey guys,
I have a Boot Camped Mac Mini with Windows 7. I recently needed to allocate more disk space to it as i only had a gig left, i booted into MacOS and used Disk Utility to make the Mac partition smaller, i rebooted into windows and downloaded software called 'Partition Wizard' from www.partitionwizard.com. I dragged the Windows partition all the way so that it used up all the Unallocated Space, it required a reboot to finsih and when it did it displayed an error such as this:

File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc0000255

Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file is missing required information

I have the Installation Disk and i have tried repairing more than 3 times and it seemed to do nothing, so i tried using the CMD and bootrec.exe and now when i start the repair wizard it says there is no windows partition yet i can still try repairing things (Yet still does not repair anything). I downloaded EasyBCD but im on my Mac partition right now and its an exe, i have no clue how to run that within windows to try and repair the Bootloader. I do however have access to the BOOTCAMP partition through the mac side, and i can access all the files. Is there some way i can repair the bootloader through this? I would appreciate any help towards this issue!

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  1. Don't know if it's at all different to what you already tried, but
  2. Tried that just then, unfortunately did not work. I was wondering that seeing i have access to all the files of the hard drive from the Mac side, is it possible to actually download the bootloader and put it back into the Windows Partition?

    Any help would be appreciated as i need to use Windows for work.
  3. As it was a partition that failed, perhaps this would help...
    Another possibility if you have plenty disk space is to create new partition and then a fresh install of Win 7. Time consuming but should work in the long run. Then remove the old Windows installation and resize the new partition. I generally use EaseUs for operations like that as I find it reliable.
  4. I'd really like to leave a re-install as a last resort, but thanks though. I have made "some" progress. I used rEFIt to startup and selected to repair the partitions and the mbr. Now when i boot in Windows it no longer displays

    File: \boot\BCD

    instead it shows

    File: \boot\memtest.exe

    Anyone know what this is or means?
  5. Yet again it has changed after running Startup repair which took about an hour. When the Windows Boot Manager comes up there is no longer a missing file but the status is still 0xc0000255. It also states beneath that: "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible"


    Have decided to the most logical thing and re-install Windows. I'm currently copying all my files over to the Mac partition and once ive uninstalled Windows ill make a new partition, install bootcamp then copy all my files back over. Hopefully it works!
  6. Finally solved. Had to copy all my data over to Mac partition, then i uninstalled Windows, re-boot camped it and now im putting all my data back. Anyone who needs help if you have the same problem just PM me.
  7. Not an answer but an implication. Does this mean there is no way to restore an image of your Windows Bootcamp partition? This would have major implications for my backup strategy.
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