Maximum Hard Drive Size for HP Pavilion ZT3000

hi, i have an hp pavilion zt3000. i am planning to upgrade it's hard drive to the highest size it can be supported at todays date. i found that the highest EIDE for notebooks is 250gb made by WD (WD2500BEVE). will it support anything that is EIDE ATA6 regardless the size? will it support that WD2500BEVE 250gb hd? thanks.
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  1. To my knowledge the HDD interface does not limit the size of the disc, only it's throughput. Any disc that has the same interface as the last should be compatible. Buy as big as you need.

    I might warn you, though - notebook hard disks are more expensive than desktop discs. Are you sure you can't just link up an external hard disk with twice the capacity for around the same price?
  2. I installed the Western Digital 250GB hard drive in my zt3000 and never got it to work properly. I kept getting corrupted system files such that it wouldn't boot after shutting down. I tried several disks with the same results. At first I thought it might have been software related (it still may be), but when I restored my smaller drive, everything went back to normal. This tends to support the hardware being the problem, not the software.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'm certainly open to them given that I wasted days on this problem.
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