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I have been running WinXP Pro 2600 with automatic updates enabled since February/March and at its best the system ran very well for more than 6 weeks. Then I bought and played Dark Age of Camelot. That game caused many hard lockups forced me to use the reset button many times. I updated the graphics, sound, bios software, but nothing was improved. The thing about it is that after a lockup and reset, the game will lockup again very fast, between 5-20 mins of playing. So I thought it was cpu overheating (though unlikely since P3 500 really doesnt create massive heat, still I installed huge heat sink and 2 cpu fans), but the problem persists. Then I installed Counter Strike and it ran fine though there were a few lockups, and the game itself generated errors which I almost never had back in Win98 SE. Besides during gaming, two lockups occurred while using Outlook Express and watching a streaming video. Before it only locks up during gaming, never under other applications. What is going on? Is it WinXP?? Everytime it locks up it will make a continuous beeping sound. I really dont think it's overheating since I have 4 fans blowing. This occurs randomly, so I can't really tell for sure if it's the MB or RAM or anything hardware, also because of the fact that it ran stably w/o any reboots for 6 weeks straight. I made sure the system is as much dust-free as possible also. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

P3 500
Asus P2B-S
384 PC-100 non-ECC
Gainward GF4 4200 Ti (new)
SB Live Value
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  1. Test your memory, you may be able to do this at your local computer hardware store. Also, you mentioned, running straight for 6+ weeks, how long has it been has it been between your last scandisk AND defrag and when the problems started??
  2. Hi whats going on. Here are some thing to try.
    1) uninstall and reinstall your graphic card drivers with the latest ones. Also reinstall the latest direct x drivers.
    2) It doesn't matter how many fans u have in your system if they aren't ensuring proper air flow. You probaly have it set up right though.
    3) Your computer or video card is overheating during intense gaiming.
    4) Your power supply might be kinda bad. If you know how to use a multi meter use it, or goto and buy a power supply tester.
    Hope this helps good luck :)
  3. forget about using XP PRO on a P III 500 system. I have three system P III 600, P 4 1.5G and AMD 1600XP. the P III 600 with 512MB SDRAM keep resetting and hanging up ramdonly. while the 2 other system with 256MB SDRAM and DDRSDRAM don't have any problem with games and application softwares
  4. Quote:
    Everytime it locks up it will make a continuous beeping sound.

    i think your problem is your SB Live Value & its drivers. IMO i suggest you to update or reinstall them. otherwise straightly to change your sound card for a newest one. it is strongly possible that windows XP doesn't support this old sound card. in that case, try at least the SB Live! which is now a cheaper one.

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