Dns does not have listing

I am trying to connect to the Internet through my computer, however I cannot display any web pages.

I have full connection to wifi, but it states this is "local only".

When I diagnose the problem, I am told the domain server name is unavailble. I have tried to update this manually, but this has not worked. (I am also unable to "ping" information to any location in dos).

I am running windows vista and ie8. I quest mcafee antivirus.

Can anyone help?
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  1. pinging a name in cmd.exe (it's not DOS) uses the same mechanism to resolve the DNS name to an IP address as looking up a website in any web browser. Thus, if one doesn't work the other wont.

    What you can try and do is ping an IP address as this doesn't require DNS name resolution.

    Try pinging which is one of Google's DNS servers. If you do not get a response then your wireless access point does not have a route to the internet
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