cant rember the password on my laptop :cry:

i purchesed a hp laptop about 6months and 3 months ago my dog had chewed the charger cable for it i put it off for 3 months and purchesd a new charger for my laptop but i forgot my password i remeber enableing the guest account and can access the guest account but i figured i could install xp (vista is fine have on my desktop at home) so i changed boot priority to the dvd rom and it wouldnt install so i figured i would have to install it by runnin the installer on the cd but it wont allow you to do that on guest account
what im trying to know is there anyway to get passed this i rember in xp you had to press ctrl+alt+del twice at the login screen to get to the admin login
im using vista home premium
cant find my recovery disc either that came with the laptop but i have 3 copies of xp and 2 copies of windows 2000
any help or advice would be extreamly helpfull i dont mind if i have to reformant
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  1. Well, if it's the Windows password, I've used EBCD for years, but it seems the author finally decided to start charging. . . and nothing on whether it works with Vista. So, there's this. I've never tried it, though.
  2. maybe you should quit weed. just sayin'.

    If you go to HP's website you can order recovery discs for i think five or 15 dollars.
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