Viewsonic VX922 (switching rezolution and crop mode)

my video card has the ability ( I think most do) to not just scale everything to fit the screen, but crop off if I set it to a aspect ration that is 4:3.......the rez went down to 1280x960, and it crops the top and bottom off......some games do not have this odd aspect ration that this display has.

My question being, will having the black bars at the top burn in to the screen on LCDs, I have heard people say differnt things..some say it will, some say it won't...... I am thinking that any kind of display can burn in over a certian period of time...any thoughts on displaying in cropped mode?

BTW my vid card is an ancent TI 4600
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  1. burning only really happened on old crts pre 1995 really newer ones protect them selves better from this i have only ever come accross 2 screens that have images burned onto them and both came from the windows 3.1 era put it this way my 19" crt was on pretty much 24/7 for 3 year w/o screensaver sitting on the desktop (still image) and still hasnt any sign of an image burned onto it. as for lcds i have not once heard of a single case of a burned on iomage on lcd (i dont think it works that way with them) and my lcd like the crt has now been on desktop pretty much 2 years

    writing this i think i should be more energy concerned hmm ill switch off my monitor when i go to sleep tonight
    hope i helped
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