LG DVD RWrites failing

I have an LG-4040B DVD writer and I can succesfully burn CD/CD-RW and DVD-+R. It also seems to write DVD-RAM ok. The problem however is it keeps failing on DVD-+RW (particulalry DVD-RW). Most of the time it actually renders the media unusable. (Either explorer or Win locks up in trying to access the drive with the RW disc in).
I have tried Nero 5.5, Nero 6. Restrospective backup (could never get it to work as it just ruined discs), other backup software, and ULead DVDMovie Factory 2.
All have some problem with DVD-RW. Either just fails or typically destroys the media.
I have tried updating all the drivers etc I can. The drive I gave two EPROM updates to and it still had no effect.

So....Here's the wierd bit, I have taken the drive back and it was replaced with a brand new LG-4081B (cool I now get 8x burn speed!) and now I still have the same problem!! :-(
ie Doesnt seem to be the burner itself, happens on various software, what can it be??

Mainboard: MSI KT266pro-2ru
CPU: Athlon XP1600+
Memory: 768MB Kingmax
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
HD: 2x120GB WD7200 on raid1 (promise100 lite on mainboard)
IDE0: SONY DVD-ROM (master) and removable hard drive (with no drive loaded)
IDE1: LG-4081B (only) set to master
O/S: WinXp Pro
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  1. Have you tried different DVD-RW media? Could it be you got a bad batch??

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    1GB DDR333
    R9600XT 128MB
    SB Live 5.1
    WD 60GB
    Maxtor 120GB
    LG DVD+-R/RW
  2. Yes, I have tried different media. (Thanks for the suggestion.)
    I have tried Ricoh +RW, Verbatim +RW, Princo -RW and Laser -RW. I have also been successfully using the Princo -R media.
  3. Princo is Cheap crap! I use their DVD-R for friends to borrow my DVD collection, but I wouldn't archive anything on them. They are worth their price (70cents CDN each).

    As for your problem, I don't know. I have the 4040 in my Gaming rig, and the 4020 in my editing rig. I have had no problems with DVD-RW or + RW, with either video or data (or initial backups [quickly moved to Double Sided DVD RAM]). I primarily use Memorex and Maxell.

    I assume you're not doing alot of other work in the background, like Kazaa, SETI, Folding, etc.

    It sounds like you may have some kind of driver conflict or resource conflict. When I installed the 4040 on my gaming rig it wouldn't work with anything. I just happened to be re-formatting my machine anyway, and when I re-installed the drivers etc. I installed the LG drviers first because I wanted to make my back-up. All worked well, up until I install Pioneer's DVD driver which once again killed my LG. So decided, WTF, don't need the Pioneer to have special drivers, it's just a ROM drive. Without thosenever had a problem. I personally use NERO 6 and that BG program that ships with the drive.

    Unfortunately I don't think you'll find a quick fix. I think I was lucky, however out of the media you listed, the only one I wouldd rely on would be Verbatim, and even they get poor ratings. Maxell is usually very highly rated, but you have to check in every new release as the quality from 1X to 2X to 4X has been different, let alone the diff between +/- and R/RW.

    I'd check LG's infobase or the specific DVD sites out there to see for similar problems.

    Sorry couldn't give you more info.

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