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Going back to college in the spring and want to get a laptop, however I am quite unknowledgeable in terms of laptops

I intend to use said laptop for gaming and anime/movies as well as all that school jazz.

Key features I am looking for

obviously specs (good enough to get me through games without causing me to scream at the laptop)
Battery Life
Weight and size (the lighter the better. This thing will be with me everywhere)

Price is also an issue. $1200 is max, but I would like to get away with pay as little as possible. (school IS expensive)
Newegg options are also best. Since I got a newegg card I can use to finance it.

( i would be happy if it could play Tf2 and BF2142 no problem)
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  1. It really helps if you fill out Maziar's sticky on threads like this, it lets us get you an answer faster with less questioning this and that part.
  2. hey check out my post "Choose between these 3 laptops please." I've been looking for weeks and found the best 3 deals
  3. Sorry to be so vague, but what I mentioned above is all I am interested in.

    Lightweight, good durability (i.e. something Carbonfiber and not plastic), with maximum battery life to last me a full school day, and the ability to run most 1year+ old games at a decent fps and visual setting.
    (also it seems that if i get integrated intel graphics, battery life is vastly extended.)

    I am currently looking at thinkpads by recommendation of a friend.

    My issue is the only ones available on newegg are preset and unable to upgrade things (such as the 6 cell battery)

    I could buy an additional battery, but that's gonna choke my budget up higher.

    And I want to keep it to newegg because I got credit there, and I'm gonna have to finance it. (and getting financing elsewhere is tough when your on unemployment)
  4. What you are asking is pretty vage. Its also hard because you are confined to newegg. If i was you i would be getting a sager for gaming, wont bother posting a like to their site tho.

    Altho, for use with school too could try looking into XPS. Asus have good build quality
  5. Thinkpads are wonderful machines for school and business, durable, reasonably lightweight and fast for what they are. . . kinda like a Honda VTEC. . .
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