help...i have a HP 620 core2duo 2gb RAM 320GB HDD my experience index read 3.0 but after updating my OS it read 2.3 what went wrong? if i increase my ram will it increase my WEI? i am running windows 7 ultimate x64
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  1. It probably updated your video drivers, it is common for the rating to change and even go down. I would just ignore it.

    Also, adding memory may only bump up your memory score, it will more than likely not affect the score of your integrated graphics.
  2. The WEI is a relative score and sometimes updated by Microsoft.
  3. WEIRD Experience Index is determined by the lowest subscore. If it is not RAM that has the lowest score, it won't change.

    WEI is useless anyway. Pay more attention on how your system performs in real world.
  4. From my own personal experience I can tell you only one - WEI is useless. When I bought my laptop, it said that my gaming graphic's score was 6.7, then, after updating the drivers, it decreased to 6.6, last week I did a clean install of windows with the same drivers as before and it's reading 6.7 again. Funny, the score fluctuates without any changes in hardware. That Aero score is also somewhat weird, i used to own A Dell laptop with an i7-2630qm processor, with an aero score of 5.5, then I switched to an ASUS laptop with an i7-2670qm, which achieved a score of only 4.8. Both had that smart "optimus" technology and both used the intel HD3000 integrated graphics in the test, so how could the scores be so different?
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