Problem with Sharing a Canon printer from Win7 32 to 64

Hey all,

Have a Canon ip6000d printer… hooked up to a Win7 32bit machine. I installed the “printer add-on module” for Win7 on this machine and it prints fine. I share it across the network so that I can print from my Win7 64bit laptop but I can not install the driver for it.

The laptop sees the printer when I try to “add a printer” but it looks for a 64bit driver. So I installed the “printer add-on module” onto the laptop, and still nothing… it continues to look for a driver.

So I then directly connected the printer (usb) to the laptop… it installed itself and works perfectly fine. So I reconnected it back to the 32bit machine and tried to “add a printer” again over the network… and it still asks for the 64driver.

I’m trying to talk to Canon Tech service but as usual they are complete idiots and just tell me to do everything I’ve already did.

I can’t find a regular .inf driver file anywhere for this printer, just the damn “printer add-on module”.

Thanks all!
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  1. Hi integraoligist,

    I have the same problem, did you manage to resolve?

  2. yes, i was able to find an old version of the drivers that work... cant remember where I got it from (sure was not from the Canon website, as I just cheked them last week and their still jacked up) I can email you the drivers if youd like. Just shoot me your email.
  3. Hello,
    I am having a similar issue. I have a Canon IP 6000d on a Win XP machine where it is shared and I am trying to access it on Windows 7 64 bit machines, but it cannot locate the driver. I tried to add the driver under the "printer properties-additional drivers" but it askes for the disk (the disk is old and outdated). I have tried everything. any help would be appreciated!
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