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Hi everybody. I'm new to the forums but a long time lurker.

I need some help after having installed a Dell SXGA+ LCD panel in my D600. My D600 had a genuine Dell XGA panel in it and it came time to replace it. I lucked into another genuine Dell SXGA+ panel that came out of a Dell D610, so I did the swap. Everything went fine except for securing the display bezel after the new panel was put in.

The old XGA had a rounded display cable that went from the inverter to the motherboard and routed itself through the clips at the motherboard level of the housing. The SXGA+ display has a flat cable. While it routed itself okay from the base of the display and on to the MB, the part that curves down from the display assembly to the laptop body seems to be getting in the way of the display bezel snapping back together, just to the right of the left-hand hinge. Does Dell use a different display bezel to support this flat cable or do I just need to work it somehow?

The display itself works just fine attached to my D600.
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  1. Could you post a picture or two?

    If i'm reading correctly, this sounds like a nice place for a dremel tool and a sanding bit.
  2. I should be able to do that. I'm waiting on a Pentium M 755 pull to arrive so I can drop that in, too. Once that gets to me I'll have to partially disassemble it again so it would be a good time to take a few snaps.
  3. Ditto on seeing pictures.
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