Cheap netbook/laptop for beginner programming?

Hi, i am currently in the process of learning to program on visual basic. i will then, in the future, move on to C++. I am just wondering if a really cheap laptop/netbook off ebay would do the job as an inexpensive way of having a pc just for my programming; just about to go camping for a week and might take it with me. Currently have a macbook pro 15" which does have windows 7 on but i dont really like using it.

Would appreciate any opinions, thanks.
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  1. Something for about £80 off ebay, slightly used. Thats what i was thinking
  2. I recommend a cheap laptop over a netbook. Atom's aren't very good for compiling. A Lenovo T60 with a Core2 in it would be a good deal if they're cheap over there. I believe europe has a lot of them floating around with discrete GPUs as well. You might also look at places that buy machines in bulk at auction.
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